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...we can sit on the porch with no one around, we can sit on the porch with not a single sound; comfort within, healing begins. you and me, just we two...warmth in the heart....time to start anew.....

.Carson Cabin in Spring Centerpiece of the Big Ivy Historical Park, Barnardsville, NC. mystuart's photostream

Oh now this is the one right there!!! Love this tiny off grid house

Now all I need is a garden, and my own little hideaway in the backyard and I'm set.

To have a cabin is great but, to build it from reclaimed wood is even better! #'s 2 & 5 are my faves!!

This picturesque space would ward off any thoughts of cabin fever.

I would love to have a cabin like in the woods in the mountains; chop wood and keep my fireplace going while I curl up in a blanket and read a book...ah to have a Winter Cabin...

Looks SO much like the front entrance to the old cabin my grandparents had in Montana... Feels very nostalgic.

Snowy cabin!!! For some reason I want this like right now!! So cute!! I can picture it in the summertime