Most beautiful man on earth!!! <3Johnny Depp

johnny depp.

LOVE HIM<3 and his peter pan quoted tattoo;) ~ the love I have for this guy and Johnny Depp is obviously because they are gorgeous, but also because they wear their tattoos for the same reasons I do. They tell a story about their lives.

Gerard Butler #beards #gerardbutler #beardporn #scottishman #celebrityfashion #mensgrooming #facialhair



Marilyn Monroe and James Dean :) I have this picture in my living room!<3

Adam Levine, not only does he come across with great personality, he would really be fun to spend a day with. Eye candy too ;)

Johnny Depp

<3 speak now tour...only thing missed on red tour was hand hearts

Omg. Those eyes!<3


Johnny Depp, he always looks relaxed in whatever he's wearing. No matter how smart he's going for, everything still seems to carry that chilled out vibe. #Black #JohnnyDepp #Chic #Style #WednesdayWant

Ryan Reynolds sexy man good gosh #fashion #mensfashion #menswear #style #outfit


Johnny Depp. A man who looks at the world, his life, and his work more with his heart than with his mind or ego. Not to mention that he is probably one of the most beautiful men in the two if you ask me.

Harry Connick Jr. -We all remember thay dorky adorable role he played in P.S. I Love You, never forget that

Sexy Sexy man...

Lake Como, George Clooney - I spent six weeks at Lake Como and loved it! I looked for George while I was there but, alas, never saw him.

Johnny Depp. I love this snap!