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True Blood starts TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then he grew up a bit | The Spectacular Rise Of Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello Ohhh, calm, calm take a deep breath.....he takes my breath away

Joe Manganiello has the hottest hair (and body) in Hollywood

ALCIDE!! media-cache3.pint... tyhay1208 celebrity boyfriends and girlfriends

Joe Manganiello when you wrap True Blood how would you like to become part of my BDB board?

"Get out of my bed, Joe Manganiello," said no one ever. YUM Saw him in fireman get up the other day. holy hotness!

#TheIrishman #TobiasCallahan #BestFriends_TolerantEnemies "Ye ugly bastard,” Aidan said softly, jerking his chin toward the man. With utter conviction in his dark eyes - a deep warm brown, it looked like from her vantage point - the man stood stock still, replied, "Bloody stupid mick."