.. :)

Or: #4. Make a huge mess because your name is Jess and you don't know your way around the kitchen to save your life.


How My Cats See Me

Community: 20 Adorable 'Pusheen The Cat' Gifs


Organization is key... when you're a crazy cat lady. Lol i might need this one day!

Ummm hi. Just lost a half hour of my life on this blog - Pusheen the Cat's "6 Practical Uses for Marshmallows" by pusheen #Marshmallows #pusheen @Michelle Stobie Degering @Jess Liu Ziebarth @Sarah Chintomby Kniep

Pusheen! I don't know why I'm so obsessed with this damn cat I don't even really like cats...

PUSHEEN CAT PLUSH TOY I like it you should get it

Kitty Christmas

every day of my life.

Cats are jerks. LOL

Even though it says no, my cat could still be found in all those places.


Anger management cat

I laughed way too hard at this

Hahahaha!! My cat does this!!! He also likes licking bars of soap. Don't ask me why...

lynx in your sinks

wise words!