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  • Kathleen Keefe Antony and Cleopatra: A Novel (Masters of Rome) (9781416552956): Colleen McCullough: Books

  • Lisa Clark

    This author is a genius, wonderful epic stories or incredible historic fiction after studying ancient Rome for 11 years!

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The saga of the Cleary family, beginning on an Australian sheep station in the early twentieth century and ending fifty years later.

From Bernard Cornwell, the undisputed master of historical fiction, hailed as "the direct heir to Patrick O'Brien,"* comes the third volume in the exhilarating Saxon Chronicles: the story of the birth of England as the Saxons struggle to repel the Danish invaders.

The Children of Henry VIII by Alison Weir - another GREAT book.....I mean, a fiction writer couldn't WRITE the "tutor" story.

I love historical fiction. The most outlandish parts are real factual events and the mundane day to day stuff is improvised by the author. However it can be exhausting following such an extroidinary character from birth to death. I always fell like I have been on a huge journey when I finish her books.

"Lolita" (cover of the first edition) > Vladimir Nabokov > 1955 > Fiction / Romance Novel / Tragicomedy > Novel

"She preferred a finer style of dying: she did not, like a woman, shirk the dagger or seek by speed at sea to change her Egypt for obscurer shores, but gazing on her desolated palace with a calm smile, unflinchingly she laid hands on the angry asps until her veins had drunk the deadly poison deep." - The Memoirs of Cleopatra, Margaret George

Quiet, insightful, darkly absorbing...the woman who loved Frank Lloyd Wright and left everything she knew for him.

Cleopatra's Daughter: A Novel. We did this for book club a couple years ago. I really enjoyed it. Great characters, good historical fiction.

And the Mountains Echoed : A brother and sister are separated in childhood, and throughout this epic book, Hosseini weaves a tale of family--across countries and through the perspective of many characters-- and of how, sometimes, we must make hard decisions that hurt us and those we love, as we seek some greater good.

The Book of Madness and Cures (O’Melveny) | Ferret With A Strobe Light

historical fiction - Michelle Moran is an incredibly gifted and amazing author.