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Hello! I am Princess Tessa of Miona, and I'm 16... 17 soon! Our kingdom is not large, but it does prosper. I am stubborn and whimsical, my favorite place being outside. My nickname is Daisy, but only my greatest friends earn the permission to call me this. Most find me a bit... odd. I consider myself enthusiastic. I am not ready to run a kingdom... my father claims I need to get my head out of the clouds. So, I've been sent here. I don't mind though...I love to laugh. It's my favorite thing....

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Hues of Red.

Red hair ❤ I love this color of red for hair!

Vintage hair, I want my hair to look like this for the wedding... Maybe even makeup too

Copper red hair color

Dark red hair

20 Ways to Rock Red Hair ~ we ❤ this! #redhair

Color for Fall: burgundy plum with a dark base.


Red hair; Might try this!

Red ombre hair color to blonde, Amazing DIY red hair dye choice shown by our girl~

Bright red hair