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The uncanny valley theory applied to politics. I think it's Romney's hair, honestly that's just a "leetle" too close to human for me not to recoil.

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The Uncanny Valley: Everything You Need To Know in 2 Minutes

What Is The Uncanny Valley? | Mashable Explains - YouTube....Weaves, Wigs, Colour Contact Lenses and extreme skin lightening or darkening can also give off the same creepy feeling: that all is not as it seems...that the person isn't imposter?

Wikipedia entry for "the uncanny valley": as the appearance of a robot is made more human, a human observer's emotional response to the robot will become increasingly positive and empathic, until a point is reached beyond which the response quickly becomes that of strong revulsion

Drawing on elements of industrial design, architecture, politics, science and sociology, Dunne and Raby’s latest exhibition, United Micro Kingdoms: A Design Fiction, presents multiple perspectives on a fictional United Kingdom. Photo: Luke Hayes.

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Turn it off Fine Art Print 8.5" x 11" Matte Finish

Turn it OFF Read a BOOK

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Jane Austen Quotes and Regency Era Fashion 1 inch 25.4mm circle digital collage sheet

Jane Austen

This makes me laugh. Big time. And it is so true for me! :: I Like BIG Books 8x10 inch Print by theloveshop on #etsy

1984 - Science fiction (SF) novel Neuromancer from William Gibson explore ‘cyberspace’ world as a new concept. #1984 #Neuromancer #WilliamGibson

"The Greatest Challenge In Life Is Discovering Who You Are. The Second Greatest Challenge Is Being Happy With What You Find." ~ So true!! #identityinchrist

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You can't buy happiness

Mmm ice cream :)

teachingliteracy: “Always Got Her Head in a Book” Artist: lynzart