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  • Jamie Hunt

    For it was the Doctor, jettisoning rooms from the TARDIS, that started the big bang.

  • Meesha Meserole

    Don't stop believin' (from Doctor Who and the Tardis by Craig Hurle)

  • l b

    no doubt if they allow creationism in school, then they should also teach doctor who.

  • Hayli Dawn

    Lol I think that's enough info for Ancient Aliens to do an episode on it

  • Nathalie Cassiers

    Teach the Controversy #DoctorWho

  • Bryanna Brust

    Dr. Who #comedy possibly bad taste

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okay. okay. this is adorable. I love how the boys are like PUPPPPY and Karen is just like "cool.. i'm just gonna hang out over here."

Everyone I know that loves "Dr. Who" would agree. I personally don't quite get it, but they would totally agree.

Love him. (From Doctor Who and the Tardis by Craig Hurle)

I always get the strangest looks when I try to tell people exactly what the show is about

I made a T.A.R.D.I.S. lamp! :D - Imgur - Print the text on a sheet of vellum. Vellum is used all the time in lampshade projects, so it'll resist heat, and it's stiff, kind of like cardstock. Still need to figure out where to get the frame...

From the Timelord's archive.. Doctor and his companions traveling through time and space.

They would be the type to sit in the jail cell saying "that was fun, we should try it again sometime." ♥ #doctorwho

Cross My Hearts! In case you didn't get the Doctor Who reference...timelords have two hearts. :)

"that's a fairy tale." "aren't we all?" doctor river song | Tumblr

Ha! (from DW & the Tardis by Craig Hurle)

Oppa TARDIS Style. Heeeeyy my companion. Or Oppa Doctor Styly. Heeeeey I'm Captain Jack. Or Oppa Doctor Style. Heeeey I'm Jack Harkness.