Elmer's Glue Tie Dye.

Elmers glue and tie dye. It Works!!! I made cute tees for the Girl Scouts Rock the Mall doing this.

Materials needed: Paint or dye (eg. food-coloring, pen ink), (fluffy) cotton balls, glitter, a glass jar or bottle. How-to: 1. fill the jar/bottle with water 2. Put the ink or dye into the jar/bottle until you get the color that you want. 3. make layers of cotton balls and glítter. Like this: cotton, glitter, cotton, glitter. 4. shake. @MacKenzie Boyles

Use Elmers glue to create a design on a white tshirt, then dye it. The glue washes out and leaves your design!

How to: Ombre bleach/dip dye shirt and jeans! (for a t-shirt & maybe not leave in bleach as long?)

Laundry Tip: How to safely make your own bleach gel at Me and My DIY

theartgirljackie-tutorials: Tie Dye T-Shirts with Sharpie Markers!

So cute

Sharpie Tie Dye Designs on Fabric

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1/2 is your fingerprint 1/2 is his (salt clay paint) Salt Dough - 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, cold water. Mix until has consistency of play dough. bake at 250 for 2 hours, then cool and paint….good recipe for thumbprint pendants

A good tutorial for making your own wood signs. Easiest version I've ever seen.

sketch your drawing, outline your sketch in elmers glue, then paint it with water colours

Coolest bookmarks ever!

Magazine Baskets . I've been looking for this!

elmer's glue on canvas, then paint over the entire piece

pin style earring

Canvas silhouette tutorial

How to make a Heart Tie dyed T-shirt