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I just love fall and all the colors....The Lord truely is a master of all Artists! Seasons

Hi Guys, it was this kind of thing I was thinking of for the posters, thought it would clearly show both the mature and childlike aspect of our idea to show the difference in technology use between generations.

Autumn Leaves - Un Peu De Tout Absolutely magical - makes us excited for autumn

༺♥༻ everybody loves autumn ༺♥༻

♥♥♥ iamfawn: *sigh*  I can’t wait for fall. justasmileaway: picture-perfect-world: beyondthemultiverse: fiddlefaddle: vincentblack: (via ashleenah, sunnynicole)

Once upon a time my husband and I were riding through the mountains and came upon a yellow forest...I begged him to stop...we were in awe...seem to not be able to get enough...we've look for this yellow forest and have never been able to locate it again. Though somewhat sadden, just the fact we seen it once was a blessing.

And In some distance future we see each other I will smile at you and remember that summer we spent beneath the tree growing in love

Although now it reminds me of my dad's passing, I still can't help but love the Fall. The vibrant colors, the cooler weather, the comfort foods, the holidays...LoVelY!!

Red apples (via Autumn) by claireworx

Love the idea of including cutouts of women from comics. I think there is a hyper-femininity expressed in these images. I'd love to images of black women in comics in this, perhaps having vulnerable moments like this.