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Kicking off our month on Eating and Starving: covering #eatingdisorders #bodyimage #selflove and everything in between. This is our founder Kaleigh Somers' story.

ABC's of Recovery

self soothe kit for teens | This wonderful tumblr post provides further information.

If only it were that easy. "let it go" or "just surrender" are empty platitudes and have no place in eating disorder recovery. The key is to learn how to change the foundational thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you stuck or unable to move forward. It happens when you dig deep and ask the right questions. You gotta do the work❤️

We are all in some type of recovery... #traumaticbraininjury #loveyourbrain

For theses struggling with eating disorders: You always have permission to eat.

It takes what it takes this is the gospel of truth !!

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For those suffering from Eating Disorders, this is a great tool.

Beautifully said. Great for eating disorder counseling

At Carolina House, we help struggling women overcome Eating disorders. We have a community of survivors and professionals who understand ED's and will help you fight it together. You are not alone.

Yes..but it doesn't feel like it right now

webiteback: Relapse Prevention Plan - Worksheet

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Eating disorder recovery blog - Coup De Grace

built from fire

Quote on eating disorders: Losing weight is not your life's work, and counting calories is not the call of your soul you surely are destined for something much greater. www.HealthyPlace.com

Dissociative Identity Disorder Self-Care: Meeting Basic Needs | When you have dissociative identity disorder, self-care, even basic activities like eating and sleeping can be difficult. Truly, it's a struggle. Read this. www.HealthyPlace.com

I have a committed relationship to mine. It's a behavior I'll eventually be able to let go.

Seriously, if anyone, ANYONE, needs a friend, I am here, always. No judgment here, just friendship and support.