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    Kicking off our month on Eating and Starving: covering #eatingdisorders #bodyimage #selflove and everything in between. This is our founder Kaleigh Somers' story.


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    • HUGstronger

      Kicking off our month on Eating and Starving: covering #eatingdisorders #bodyimage #selflove and everything in between. This is our founder Kaleigh Somers' story.

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    Some days I don't wanna stop. Just keep my legs moving, blast the music louder. Keep going until theirs nothing left of the thoughts

    everything changed the day she learned that she was just as valuable as everyone else

    The emotional and psychic issues around weight are often far heavier than the weight itself. #weight #eatingpsych #IPE

    Eating disorders are not choices-they are caused by a complex number of factors, including genetics, culture, psychology, and environment-Eating disorders are largely genetic-Social media and the pressure to diet, can negatively impact how people feel about themselves, but cannot be totally responsible for the development of eating disorders- Eating disorders may present as a single-minded desire for thinness, but first and foremost they are mental illnesses and self-destructive, slow suicides.

    The what-if's and the should-have's will eat your brain.(John O'Callaghan)

    I am so sick and tired of this! Pinterest has even posted warnings about how you cannot simply decide to get an eating disorder...and these thinspo followers are so delusional and obsessed with losing weight, they literally cannot comprehend this...So you think eating disorders, starving yourself will make you look like some fashion model, some stick figure?-Try spending a day inside an inpatient unit for people with eating disorders to see what this disease really looks like-its not pretty!

    My Unedited Story: An Almost Eating Disorder. "Each and every one of us has a story to tell. Some stories are told using themes of heartbreak, tragedy and loss. Others are told playing scenes of favorite movies in our heads. But at the end of the day, there are two kinds of stories that matter: the edited story and the unedited one." - Click photo to read on. @hugstronger

    "Up to 70 million people world wide struggle with an eating disorder."

    You don't even know the half of it... #EatingDisorder #ProRecovery #Anorexia #TeamRecovery #BodyImage #Perfectionism #GoodEnough

    Eating Disorder Statistics~ Don't Be A Statistic! ~GET HELP~ | |

    It is scary, but we have to make changes to recover. #edrecovery #eatingdisorders

    I'm really sick of seeing "thinspiration" posts, not only because of their links to the pro-ana community, but because I don't think it should be someone's goal to take up as little space as possible.-extreme dieting is so common, people saying they are going to starve themselves to lose weight is so ridiculious- people that develop eating disorders do not set out with the intention of developing a mental illness so they can be thin--Eating disorders are far more serious and complex than that

    Words cannot express how much i hate thinspiration-I hate the word-I do not feel pity for people who use thinspiration to romanticize their sick fantasy of what they "think" an eating disorder is- You do not "become" anorexic by viewing pictures-you do not develop a mental disorder by following an extreme diet-Having an eating disorder DOES NOT mean that you find enjoyment in shaming other people by using thinspiration-And using thinspiration DOES NOT mean you have an actual eating disorder

    Dieting forces your brain to eat itself (article) << Not just your brain Eating disorders can cause permanent neurological damage and have many other effects on the body that may be temporary or permanent.