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Yeah! Where are they??

Story of my life! Haha I see hot guys walking around campus all the time, and then I get to class and can never find any. Do they have special classes for incredibly attractive men that I am unaware of?

this is an understatement.

they are all at my friend megans house.no lie. I find at least 10 bobby pins everytime I go over her house lol

This is a book for dedicated academics who consider spending years masochistically overworked and underappreciated as a laudable goal. They lead the lives of the impoverished, grade the exams of whiny

Surviving Your Stupid Stupid Decision to go to Grad School - Adam Ruben (Now. if only I had time to read it, lol!

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so relatable (true,so true,true story,teen quotes,funny quotes,relatable,so relatable,relatable quotes,lol)

Yes,yes we do! relatable post # 259 Our generation doesn't ring the doorbell.We text or call to say we're outside.

Things 90s kids will tell their grandchildren.... Hahaha

Funny pictures about Things to tell our grandchildren. Oh, and cool pics about Things to tell our grandchildren. Also, Things to tell our grandchildren photos.

so true.....that's country girls for you! Miranda Lambert is such a badass. :)

the truth behind the music: the levels of true country girls. why i love miranda lambert over carrie underwood and taylor swift