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Calvin and Hobbes, STARS - I'm SIGNIFICANT! Screamed the dust speck.

Funny! Could post this in the science classroom :)

Awesome Calvin and Hobbes winter collection - - Your Daily LoL and Entertainment!

we all gotta do the best we can with what little knowledge we have ... www.elephantjourn... www.elephantjourn...

Calvin and Hobbes - alternative ending by Pants are Overrated. This one's a happy. & there's more on the linked page.

So I found this on a humor board, but I'm going to Repin as philosophical. Because I think it's dumb to settle for "not the worst" life. Instead, look at how life could be better, and then make it happen.

Calvin and Hobbes - luckily I have girls, worst thing they ever did was paint a laptop with fingernail polish. It's obsolete now anyway. :)

Bill Watterson should be considered a modern philosopher...

One of my favorite Calvin & Hobbes, I've had it on my fridge probably since it was in the newspaper. ~ A million things that bug me…

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip, March 17, 2013 on

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 70 Pics.... I LOVE calvin and hobbes!! Good Point

True story....Wtf were we thinking? We should've went to neverland with peter pan!