Jon Bernthal

Jon Bernthal

Jon Bernthal...Miss him on the Walking Dead

Jon Bernthal and his dogs

Mob City Season 1

David Beckham!!.. The reason i love soccer :)

James Franco melts my heart :}

Charlie Hunnam ...SOA

Paul Rudd.....he was a fantastic Bugsy Seagal

Gabriel Macht

Jake Gyllenhaal


Ryan Gosling @Lisa Trolley

Jason Statham...Best eye candy ever! Damn.... Damn... HOly .... I'm speachless....

Logan Lerman, Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf and Jon Bernthal

Lenny Kravitz

oh. my. channing tatum

Jon Bernthal: I know he's the crazy psycho Shane on TWD... but this just makes it go all away....

James Franco

Jake Gyllenhaal

Thomas Hardy. Seriously my dream ❤ it doesn't get better than a British ex-drug addict turned dapper, brilliant gentleman! Swoon city!