Just put letter stickers on the mug than put dots over it


yarn wrapped around cardboard letters

FREE Printable Letter Banners

washi tape stickers

burlap letters - love these...maybe in Shep's room?

I want to do this with a letter E for Emalee instead if the heart

DIY marquee letters

Paint your own monagram mugs. So many great ideas for DIY Anthropology projects.

Excellent and practically free. Art made with all those unused paint samples! Perfect!

Awwww how sweet!! Definitely need to do this for some dear friends I've been missing!

sharpie. white mugs. bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. gotta do this :D

Sharpie mugs

Use a Sharpie pen, draw a design of your choice on the mug or plate. Place in the oven at 180 C/350 F for 30 minutes. Leave to cool completely before washing or using. Effect is permanent and safe.

Another Pinner: "I've been looking into this Sharpie mug 350 degrees craft and it looks as though many people have been experiencing fading or the colors coming off altogether. Therefore, I would like to share this blogger's page. She explains to the tee how she cooked her mug at 425 for 30 minutes and then left the mug to cool in the oven. The results: a permanent cup at last! -- good because I did this once at 350 and the sharpie washed off!"

Permanent marker. Coffee mug. 350 degree oven. 20 min. (Although we tried this with colorful "ceramic" markers and let the mom's decorate according to their personalities. The marker came off though because we did not bake!

Fun and Creative Personalized Coffee Mugs | Page 2 of 6 | DIYmazing

Use stickers and a gold sharpie to create a dotted design on a plain porcelain coffee mug! So easy and can be personalized!

used old credit cards, cut to size. glue on scrapbook paper, pictures, seal with mod podge

Sharpie Mugs on Girl's Night