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Can an Aurignacian age for the Chauvet cave paintings be maintained?

Salon Noir. Grotte de Niaux. Ariège The Cave of Niaux (French: Grotte de Niaux) is located in Niaux in the Ariège département of south-western France. Like Lascaux it contains many prehistoric paintings of superior quality, in the case of Niaux from the Magdalenian period.

Inanke Cave, Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe, 8000-3000 B.C. This cave is one of hundreds painted by the San people, aka Bushmen.

first art 36,000 year-old-cave paintings mammoths, bison and hunters

Seeing fireflies... I once lived on the edge of a forest, in which there were HUNDREDS of fireflies in some summers! It was like stepping into a real fairytale to go for a walk there at night! ♥

Panel of horses in the Chauvet Cave, France. One theory is that this depicts the same horse, but at different ages - as a foal in the lower right, then a young horse, then a mature horse, then an older horse. In other words, the drawing shows a horse moving through time, not space. It could also depict a herd of horses or a family. Extraordinary, and as fresh today as it was 32,000 years ago.