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Making upside-down tomato buckets... I could be tempted to garden this way!!

Amazing photographs - many thanks for sharing with us.- A Taste of the Earth: making upside-down tomato buckets

Potato towers in upcycled matchstick blinds.

How to grow potatoes in towers

Potato towers: Keep on mulching - How to Grow Potatoes in Towers - Sunset

Upside down tomatoes. So much better than the plastic bag!

Upside down tomatoes, could paint the metal buckets to dress them up. or maybe just put a hanging basket of flowers around our garden. -->Love this idea; just not sure how to execute.

Oh I love this hanging basket! Might have to DIY this too :)

Grow Delicious Strawberries In A Basket At Home. What a great idea for growing strawberries!

Grow Tomato Upside Down in Bucket Instructions - Gardening Tips to Grow Tomatoes In Containers

How to Grow and Harvest Tomato in Container Gardening

upside down garden stand, will plant lettuce in the tops, and hanging upside down in each one will be tomatoes, strawberries, cucumber, cantaloupe, and a variety of peppers.

this is the upside down garden my husband designed for me (inspired by the topsy turvy i have).right now it has space to hold 7 pots and each pot has 2 plants growing in it - one from the bottom and one up on top

A Genius Way to Grow Peppers & Tomatoes in Buckets (Self-Watering)

A Genius Way to Grow Peppers & Tomatoes in Buckets (Self-Watering)

{Sunflowers in a stock tank.} I cannot even tell you how happy this makes me :)

Tub of sunflowers, I might just have to do this. If I put my bird feeder in the middle of the tub, I wouldn't even have to plant the seeds myself. (I only put sunflower seeds in my feeder to cut down on weeds & waste. The grackles usually don't eat them

DIY spinning composter::supplies needed and excellent how to construct

DIY Spinning Compost Barrel--project for the hubs who can't stand a compost pile in the yard and for my own convenience!

DIY Self-Watering Containers  You can grow just about anything you’d grow in the ground in self-watering containers.Self-watering containers have a water re

Great idea for 5 gallon bucket veggies like tomatoes. Consider outside bucket holes at different heights for filling and auto drain. Then connect buckets together for easy water system. Now what about mosquitoes?