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Casta Diva -- Maria Callas...some would argue with good merit that Maria Callas is the greatest soprano of all time...

"The magic of a Callas is a quality few artists have: something special, something different. There are many very good artists, but very few who have that sixth sense, the additional, the plus quality. It is something which lifts them from the ground, they become like semigods. She had it." ~Franco Zeffirelli

An infamous photograph of Greek billionaire, Artistotle Onassis, who would later become the lover and love of La Divina Maria Callas as well as the husband of my ancestor Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, and Maria's husband Giovanni Battista Meneghini.

Hello, I'm Mindy Debrons. I'm a Five and my Aunt Lorelei owns a restaurant near the coast. I'm an amazing chef and I can add any spice with just a breath. It makes cooking really easy. I like to cook (obviously) and I enjoy reading to my sister, MaryAnn.

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