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General George S. Patton Jr. 1885-1945 Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Everett

General George S. Patton

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General George S. Patton.


[Photo] Lieutenant General George Patton, 1943-1945

Lieutenant General George Patton, 1943-1945.

Wedding photo of General George Patton and Beatrice Ayer. Throughout his miliatry career, George wrote the most beautiful love letters to Beatrice - "I love you so, Bea ... I am not so hellish young and it is not spring, yet still I love you just as much as if we were 22 again on the baseball grandstand at West Point the night I graduated."

George S. Patton, Sr. was a Confederate Colonel during the American Civil War. He is famous for being the grandfather of World War II hero George S. Patton.

A Lippanzan horse in training in Austria. During WWII, General George Patton issued orders for them to be relocated away from the war zone, therefore saving the breed.

William IV - Reigned from 1830 - 1837. The son of George III and younger brother of George IV. He left no legitimate heirs.

George Patton, US Army, General - Any time I see George Patton I think only of Home Improvement.

Sgt. Mike Sovan, a Sherman tank commander, and his men had just crossed the Nied River in France during World War II as part of Gen. George Patton’s 3rd Army when their third tank was shot out from under them.