An awesome tutorial with a unique way of using a curling iron to style stick straight hair into a natural looking curl. She compares her curling technique to the traditional technique and you can see what a great difference it makes!

Short/Medium length curls....I might have to try this, even though the lady doesn't seem to happy

Professional make-up artist who gives the best tutorials! Step by step instructions and she tells you what products she uses so you can create the look yourself!

▶ Soft Romantic Curls Hair Tutorial - YouTube

simple step by step tutorial for soft waves with a traditional curling iron

How to get effortless curls - super simple tutorial!

No Heat, Last All Day Curls..


How to Curl Your Hair: 10 Best Youtube Tutorials

Omg how she curls her hair is genius I've been doing it wrong this whole time! Natural beautiful curls!

How To Curl Your Hair with a Flat Iron | Wonder Forest: Style, Design, Life.

If you have absolutely stick-straight hair, use aluminum foil and a flat iron to create curls that seriously LAST.

Vintage Curls

This is really something to watch, a must see if you really like tight curls. New No heat curly-wavy hair tutorial- No products, no curlers, no french braiding


Sock Bun

Easy curls? Yes, please! Things needed: Thin Elastic Headband 1) Get your hair a little damp (I did it dry & it worked fine) 2) Put the elastic headband around your head (partly over your forehead) 3) Get a section of hair and twist away from face 4) Loop it around headband and add hair to your next twist 5) Repeat around the entire headband 6)

This guide contains hair curling tips. Whether using a curling iron or rollers there are things to learn to get the curl you want. Flash Bobbi Set

lessons from the pros: big, messy waves you'll be sad you didn't pin it