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  • Brynn Comeau

    Nerd Girl Problem #64. True story.

  • Victoria Pringle

    Nerd Girl Problem #64 - People think you are weird because you like to smell books I was literally sniffing my new books at work and got some WEIRD looks haha haha

  • Emmy Kimmer

    true story... fresh book smell is one of my favs!!!

  • Chrissy Dittmer

    Nerd girls problems. ...Especially brand new ones. Book store smell > most other smells

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When you're trying to read but you can't find a comfortable enough position.

Nerd Girl Problem #86: you quote the behind-the-scenes documentaries for "Star Wars" or "Lord of the Rings" and no one understands. Oh, wait -- is that just me. Whatevs -- bring the partridge!

I'm not the only one who does this?!?

Nerd Girl Problem 401 - When A Book Is Made Into A Movie And They Reprint The Book With The Movie Poster As The New Book Cover.

Yeah, like with Silver Linings Playbook. The book was so much better than the movie!

Nerd Girl problem. My step mom says this is how I would read my books in the living room! Lol

You don't understand!

nerd girl problems my friends also think its weird that i love the smell of new library. our school just got a new library that i love soooo much sadly i'm going to the high school which does not have a brand new, beautiful, wonderful ibrary w/ new library smell. atleast it has more books.

In The Library by CBIhateperfume - It smells exactly like a delightful room filled with old well-loved books — a little musty, but the good kind, not the moldy kind. It is the magic of a beautiful hardback book in scent-form