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No Excuses! Motivational Quotes to Get You Moving

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Do the crazy thing

Without motivation you can not train and loss weight. So here are 20 fitness weightloss motivational quotes to keep your motivation high.

You Mind will Quit 1000 Times Before your Body will. Feel the fear and do it anyway

keep going ~ your mind will quit a thousand times before your body will, feel the fear and do it anyway ~

My dad always asks me why I dont have any food in my fridge, and I just tell him "I do have food!  Just healthy stuff!"   I live by this!

If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food. So simple, yet so true.

Motivation... remember this through the holidays

Truth hurts sometimes but it is worth it! You are worth it!

Thank you for this :)

This takes time. It will be hard, you will slip up sometimes. But you can do this Calm Down take it day by day!

♥do it

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Cold Weather Morning Motivation and a Giveaway

you can't outtrain a bad diet - Google Search

Anyone can workout for an hour but to control what goes on your plate the other 23 hours.that’s hard work. Self Control! That’s Strength.


You constantly have to change up your workout or your body gets use to it. Every week change it up or make sure you are cross training so your body is using different muscles all the time.