The time will pass anyway.

"I can't understand why people are frightened by new ideas. I'm frightened by old ones." - John Cage

So true .. Never give up on something because you think its too hard , may take to long .. Has too many hurdles .. Although the journey may be difficult .. The destination will be worth it .. Baby I know in my heart you are where im meant to be ..

A league of their own. One of the greatest movie lines of all time.

Live your #dreams and take risks. #Life is happening now. #success (scheduled via


See? MY point EXACTLY!!! Silence & not playing into over-sensitive, insecure, childish, hateful people is GOLDEN!! Way better ways to spend my time than stooping to immature levels!!! :-D


Love this. I really need to remember this one.

Great quote

Ernest Hemingway Quote. What would our world be if everyone followed this?? I would love to find out!

Inspirational Quote

Love this quote.

I need to remember this for the next time that bitter person in my life chooses to attack me. I wish I could walk away for good.

find time. make time.

Don't settle for a place you don't want to be stuck in. There are other places that will be happy to have you.

i can't count the amount of times i've had to tell this to folks...

remember this.

Best Quotes about Life

Words of wisdom by Joyce Meyer