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  • David Elliott

    Road Sign - No Cell Phones

  • David Elliott

    No cell phones in heaven. A great sign for navigating the roads of life. See other great signs at

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Flight Etiquette. (Yes! Middle-Seats do get both arm rests!)

Maybe my favorite thing I've found on Pinterest.

life before and after cellphones. I still live like before... so i have no friends... XD

iphone contract for teens. THis mom wrote 18 rules for her son to follow, in order to have a cell phone.

my magic telephone This would be cool on fabric the size of a cell phone case,,, I'll let you imagine from there!

#s 1,5,6 & 10 are my pet peeves... Hey...If your out with friends and you dont have someone at the hospital..Put the phone away

Cell phone etiquette for the 21st century.

18 rules to give you kids when allowed a cell phone. Great list.

cell-phone-rules-to-live-by by Maristella de Asis via Slideshare

5 cell phone rules for kids: Cell Phone Rule #1: No cell phones in the bedroom at night. Rule #2: No cell phones in school. Rule #3: No cell phones on family days, family meals or other important family times. Rule #4: No picture mail Rule #5: Make sure that each cell phone contact is a real friend or family member

5 Cell Phone Rules. People First - Always. @finding_joy


No cell phones in heaven. A great sign for navigating the roads of life. See other great signs at

Classroom signs don't have to be lame, right? We've honestly tried to find a decent 'No cell phones' classroom poster/sign around, but after googling for 10 minutes all we could see was a bunch of poorly designed low quality graphics. So here's one we've created for you to use, if you, like us, need something to keep those cell phones under control! Re-pin if you ❤ it!

It was a much simpler time of life ~ no play stations ~ ipods ~ cell phones ~ microwaves ~ in some ways also much sweeter

Flag Etiquette -- for Brownies earning their Celebrating Community badge...OR so I can finally have a flag pole at my house LOL

maybe this will help me understand people...

i need a yob.

Etiquette for Ladies--Pre Civil War! I'll have to hunt this down at Google Books.

Cat Etiquette These are both of my big ol babies. But i love em

Cell phone etiquette

Cell Phone Etiquette Explained By Propaganda Posters

"Retro" cell phone etiquette posters

Online Etiquette Tips...Netiquette!

To live by.