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    Muntjac fawn - Muntjac Deer are among the world’s oldest and smallest of the species. This little one weighed in at just 1 pound 10 ounces (.49 kg)! (Learn more on

    A baby Pudu, the world's smallest species of deer.

    Surprise! An unexpected Ringed Seal was born at Bergers' Zoo. See more photos at ZooBorns:

    Germany's Zoo Krefeld shows off its Snow Leopard cub! More at and at

    The Oklahoma City Zoo is celebrating a special fall delivery—a female giraffe born on September 26! The calf went outside for the first time to meet her family on October 1. She's pictured here with her big brother, Sergeant Peppers, as mom Ellie looks on. See more photos at ZooBorns:

    Meet the new kids at Oakland Zoo - Goat kids, that is... And there are four! Watch the video of them wagging their tails and practicing climbing, today on

    Precious Moment: A baby Gorilla, born September 4, bonds with her mother at the Buffalo Zoo. More at and at

    Can you name a baby that was taller than an NBA point guard at birth? We can - this male Giraffe calf born at the Indianapolis Zoo on January 9. See more photos at and at

    Rare Red Panda Triplets Born at Hamilton Zoo. See the photos and videos at ZooBorns:

    Australia Zoo's Southern White Rhino Calf is a Big Boy! See more at and at

    World's Smallest Deer Born in Sweden. Learn more and see a video of the little guy today, on ZooBorns:

    Funny Faces from Zuri the baby Chimpanzee at Australia's Monarto Zoo today on and at

    The Cincinnati Zoo caught this baby Bactrian Camel's first steps on video! See it at and at

    Sempala the Rothschild’s Giraffe calf has been getting plenty of super-sized kisses from her mother since she was born on August 13 at the Budapest Zoo. See more at and at

    Visitors to Zoo Berlin can enjoy the spring weather, while watching the Southern Pudu fawns roam their exhibit with the rest of their group. The fawns, a male and female, were born in the early spring and are still sporting their spotted coats. Pudus are the world's smallest deer! Check out ZooBorns to learn more and see more!

    A fluffy baby Bactrian Camel has arrived at Poland's Krakow Zoo! See more today on and at

    Denver Zoo is celebrating the birth of an endangered Przewalski's Horse foal, born this morning, May 31. This is not only the first birth for the parents, but also the first birth of its species at Denver Zoo since 1991. Captive breeding programs, supported by zoos, helped keep this species from disappearing completely from the globe. Learn more on

    A tiny male Eastern Black-and-white Colobus Monkey was born at the Saint Louis Zoo's Primate House on January 10. The little one was given the name Ziggy as a nod to rock star David Bowie who passed away on the day the infant was born. Check out ZooBorns to learn more and see more!

    The Honolulu Zoo recently celebrated their first newborn Linnaeus’s Two-Toed Sloth! The new baby was born April 21st, to mom ‘Harriet’. Mother and baby are doing well, and they are both on exhibit. Check out ZooBorns to learn more and see more!

    ‘Abbey’, a 14-year-old Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra, at the Virginia Zoo, gave birth to a female foal April 13th. Check out ZooBorns to see more and learn more!

    UPDATE! Maryland Zoo is hosting a naming contest for the brother and sister pair of Lion cubs borns on October 4. Visit ZooBorns for photos, video, and a link to the contest: (Don't miss it: the contest closes today!)