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Muntjac fawn - Muntjac Deer are among the world’s oldest and smallest of the species. This little one weighed in at just 1 pound 10 ounces (.49 kg)! (Learn more on

Surprise! An unexpected Ringed Seal was born at Bergers' Zoo. See more photos at ZooBorns:

Meet Zoo Miami's First Ever Lion Cubs!

Twin Gentle Lemurs - the world's rarest Lemur species - were born at Bristol Zoo Gardens. More at and at

Rare Red Panda Triplets Born at Hamilton Zoo. See the photos and videos at ZooBorns:

The Oklahoma City Zoo is celebrating a special fall delivery—a female giraffe born on September 26! The calf went outside for the first time to meet her family on October 1. She's pictured here with her big brother, Sergeant Peppers, as mom Ellie looks on. See more photos at ZooBorns:

Germany's Zoo Krefeld shows off its Snow Leopard cub! More at and at

It’s a UK first for Belfast Zoological Gardens, as a Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo has been born! Learn more:

Four Reindeer calves were born at Zoo Basel this spring! Check them out at and at

Meet the new kids at Oakland Zoo - Goat kids, that is... And there are four! Watch the video of them wagging their tails and practicing climbing, today on

Precious Moment: A baby Gorilla, born September 4, bonds with her mother at the Buffalo Zoo. More at and at

A baby Rothschild Giraffe was born just after dawn at the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Gardens on May 25. See all her pictures and watch a 4-minute, high-speed video of her birth, today on

Lincoln Park Zoo, in Chicago, Illinois, has announced a new arrival. A Hoffmann’s Two-Toed Sloth was born on July 25. Check out ZooBorns to learn more and see more!

World's Smallest Deer Born in Sweden. Learn more and see a video of the little guy today, on ZooBorns:

A rare Bukhara Deer calf born in June at Scotland's Highland Wildlife Park is part of a global effort to bring the species back from the brink of extinction. Learn more at and at

Get an update on Zoo Miami's Clouded Leopard cubs at and at

Parken Zoo in Sweden welcomed a new Fishing Cat on May 24. The little one, whose sex is not yet determined, is doing well and will nurse from its mother until it reaches about six months in age. The birth is wonderful news for conservation, as the Fisher Cat is an endangered species. See and read more at ZooBorns:

These little piglets were born at Zoo Basel - read about the litter of eight today on and at

Can you name a baby that was taller than an NBA point guard at birth? We can - this male Giraffe calf born at the Indianapolis Zoo on January 9. See more photos at and at

Two rare Onagers were born just hours apart to two different mothers at Chester Zoo on July 4. Learn more about these endangered equids at and at