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Muntjac fawn - Muntjac Deer are among the world’s oldest and smallest of the species. This little one weighed in at just 1 pound 10 ounces (.49 kg)! (Learn more on

The Oklahoma City Zoo is celebrating a special fall delivery—a female giraffe born on September 26! The calf went outside for the first time to meet her family on October 1. She's pictured here with her big brother, Sergeant Peppers, as mom Ellie looks on. See more photos at ZooBorns:

Denver Zoo is celebrating the birth of an endangered Przewalski's Horse foal, born this morning, May 31. This is not only the first birth for the parents, but also the first birth of its species at Denver Zoo since 1991. Captive breeding programs, supported by zoos, helped keep this species from disappearing completely from the globe. Learn more on

Parken Zoo in Sweden welcomed a new Fishing Cat on May 24. The little one, whose sex is not yet determined, is doing well and will nurse from its mother until it reaches about six months in age. The birth is wonderful news for conservation, as the Fisher Cat is an endangered species. See and read more at ZooBorns: