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LOLITA The Story of a Cover Girl - Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische is a badass graphic designer who did the titles for Moonrise Kingdom. Here's her cover for Nabakov's "Lolita." The Lolita Cover Project

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love this! -- Project Y | Young Creative Council

That perfect letter, the wishbone, the fork in the road, empty wineglass, the question we ask over and over. The first letter of my name!

I like the way this looks not close up. Watercolorish instead of looking like a topographic map.

Creative Typography & Design by Michal Sycz This is just awesome because of how the letter was made in an expressive and beautiful way, but it maintains legibility and the color isn't overwhelming.

top 10 little white lies

Funny pictures about The most common lies we say. Oh, and cool pics about The most common lies we say. Also, The most common lies we say.

3D type by Tolga --- Howwwwww?? I wish I'd known how to do this while u was in graphic arts class

type by Tolga --- Howwwwww? I wish I'd known how to do this while u was in graphic arts class, Type, Calligraphy, Shadow, Hand Written

From Penguin's Drop Caps series of books http://www.penguin.com/static/pages/classics/penguindropcaps.php

Penguin Drop Caps Series by Jessica Hische and Paul Buckley. Jessica Hische and Paul Buckley have collaborated on an exciting new project, a series of cover designs for classic literature featuring Jessica’s Drop Caps.