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  • Chloe Diamonds

    #wildlife #life #nature #love #like #awesome #amazing #swag #nice #pretty #natural #beautiful #bird #birds

  • Miss Mae-Mae

    Winter Wren ~ Miks' Pics "Fowl Feathered Friends l" board @

  • Autumn Gracy

    The wren perhaps represented the weak sun. Morien tells his readers "The Druids, instead of a dove, employed a wren to symbolize the sun's divinity escaping into an Arkite shrine, to save himself from his murderous pursuers." "The worshipful animal," says J. G. Frazer, "is killed with special solemnity once a year; and before or immediately after death he is promenaded from door to door, that each of his worshippers may receive a portion of the divine virtues."

  • price kellar

    Winter Wren. sweet little birds

  • Nanette Ringenberg

    sweet bird...oh how i love the Carolina wrens

  • Susan Laughlin

    winter wren PRETTY BIRD

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Indigo Bunting. Female Stocky songbird with short, conical bill Warm brown above, paler below Contrasting whitish throat Faint streaks on breast. Summer

Little Wren, Third smallest bird in the uk, but probably one of the loudest. Wonderful.

Quetzal. Quetzals are strikingly colored birds in the trogon family. They are found in forests and woodlands, especially in humid highlands, Quetzals have iridescent green or golden-green wing coverts, back, chest and head, with a red belly. Even with their famous bright plumage, they can be hard to see in their natural wooded habitats.

~♡I thank God for these berries♡~ long tailed tit - photo by m.geven

Burung Prenjak Perenjak - Prinia Familiaris - Sylviidae - bar-winged Prinia Location : Jakarta - Indonesia

Fairy Wren. Usually birds scare the crap out of me but this bird is so tiny. The coloring is beautiful.

Wren--Wrens are small and inconspicuous birds, except for their loud songs. They have short wings and a thin down-turned bill. There are about 80 species worldwide with one in Britain.

Wren gives you the ability to adapt, become resourceful and use what is available. Wrens are noisy and sound louder than their size, overflowing with confidence, fearless and bold. They will take on birds much larger in size. When Wren appears, ask: Am I using all the resources available to me? Am I displaying confidence? Am I living life to the fullest? Ask Wren for help with these matters.