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  • King Anna Wuffingas

    Mary Dudley, Lady Sidney by Hans Eworth, c 1550 -1555.

  • Carolyn Anders

    [show]Attributed to Hans Eworth (circa 1520–1574?) Title Portrait of Mary Dudley, Lady Sidney, wife of Sir Henry Sidney Description oil Date ca. 1550-1555 Mary Dudley was a lady-in-waiting, one of Queen Elizabeth's most intimate confidantes during the early years of her reign. A daughter of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, she was marginally implicated in her father's attempt to place Lady Jane Grey on the English throne.

  • Ashlie Jensen

    A portrait of Mary Dudley, Lady Sidney, by Hans Eworth. Lady Sidney, sister of Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester, was a favorite Lady-in-Waiting of Queen Elizabeth I. In nursing the Queen through her illness of smallpox, she herself contracted the disease and was scarred thereafter. Though she left court due to her appearance, Queen Elizabeth provided her with a generous pension in gratitude. Lady Sidney was married to Sir Henry Sidney.

  • Kristen Ursin-Smith

    Lady Mary (Dudley) Sidney, Queen Elizabeth I's favorite Lady-in-Waiting. She was also sister to Robert Dudley. Painted by Hans Eworth around 1555.

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1555 Mary Dudley, Lady Sidney (?) by Hans Eworth (Petworth House, West Sussex UK) Her dress is strongly reminiscent of Queen Mary I with the lower sleeves puffed out. The under-skirt has an intricate vegetation design. Her hairstyle is worth noting, as well as the placement of her French Hood.

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