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this dirt path reminds me of a shortcut I would take with my brother from the house to Bat's Liquor Store to buy candy bars, one for mom, one for my older brother and one for me

Frank Horvat - Swinging Girl, Cairo, 1962

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frenchtwist Swinging Girl, Cairo by Frank Horvat, 1962

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A neon-fueled road trip along Route 66's most iconic spots

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life //

life //

He stayed there waiting for her, but she never came. she remained in the sky dancing for her lover who was trapped on earth.

Holy Spirit you are welcome here. Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere. You glory God is what our hearts long for. To be overcome by your presence, Lord. :'( I cried during this song at windy gap

.Solitude, the healing, recharging balm of life. Everyone needs it, although many fear it. In solitude, we hear our soul's yearning and our deepest truths.

Quiet walks along a country road.

The Fabulous Tim Walker

Tim Walker - umbrella and red skirt

[][][] Life in Rural America

wow exactly what a wonderful photo :-)

I don't want to describe my pin.  I just like it.

Andrew C Wallace Photography: reminds me of a night time road trip down old country roads in Australia

I can smell the hay :)

Round bales of hay or straw, this has changed the country scene.