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    • Amber Carvell

      Before it was a movie. Hipster Disney princess.

    • Brittany

      I LOVE them both, but this is funny! Hipster Belle! bahaha

    • Amy Lafleur

      Hipster Belle reads the books before they become movies. I try to do this, but sometimes I discover titles after I hear of the movie release.

    • Tia Mauldin

      You see, here's the thing: I hate it when people say that they're the biggest nerd of a movie that was also a book, and they haven't read the book! It drives me insane!

    • Cassie Crittenden

      Favorite Movie EVER!!! Beauty and the Beast btw lol

    • Kathleen Leone

      Hunger Games. Inkheart. Ender's Game. Unwind (cause apparently they're making a movie which is probably going to SUCK compared to the book).

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    Exact feeling after reading the Hunger Games and Mortal Instruments and The Flowers In The Attic and 50 Shades

    See, this could be true and false. Take for example twilight. That movie series was a fail from the start when they casted plank as Bella. But then you have Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings. Those movies are amazing, and they are very similar to the books. So, I guess it just depends on the book and movie...?

    I actually said this during one of my cross country practices and everyone that heard started cracking up! THANK YOU LEGALLY BLONDE!

    Yes! When I read I become part of book!

    this is also one of the few times in the movie you see Katniss smile which is what makes him so special . Whether she knows it or not ,Peeta is one of the reasons she is who she is . She keeps saying that she owes him and hates it but , he doesn't care he wants to do these things for him because .......he loves her

    even les miserables. hate it when people rant about les mis when they saw the movie, omgosh seriously though, there's so much more to it when you read the book

    I say this EVERY TIME!! my favorite part of this is the fact that thats moriarty..hehehe

    Harry Potter book vs. movie fans. That's why you NEED to read the book!

    You're always better, book. Always. Lydia Squire!!

    Okay can I say that Chuck looks like an idiot. I didn't portray him like he is at all. And why da heck did they choose the actor from Narnia to play Gally?! I thought he was gonna be Newt! :'( but the guy they chose for Newt is kinda cute so I'll give him a break. :P