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  • Shawn Chong

    Even if it's not, it could serve as a decent mobile home!

  • Nancy Kays

    1977 Holda Goldwing GL1000 and Sidecar, I know it's not a Harley but that side car is way to cool !!!!!

  • Alberto Carranço

    SidecaR-V awesome! The first wheeled thing I travelled in as a kid was chair like this tugged by a Panther bike.

  • Flory Jansen

    Cars, Rides, Auto & Vechicles - - Site for Men & Manly Interests

  • ChopperExchange

    Caravan Camper Sidecar #motorcycles

  • David Woods

    SidecaR-V that is the largest side car I've ever seen. Gives a new thought to motorcycle camping.

  • t

    SidecaR-V - A Brilliant idea, you could bloody sleep in that... I like it - I 'bags' the inside not the outside seat lol - To connect with us, and our community of people from Australia and around the world, learning how to live large in small places, visit us at or at

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A sidecar for a snow bike is a good idea - note to self: try to find a bike with 2 sidecars for better stability

Awesome old school picture. Plus, I'm so getting a side car for my Triumph I get one!!!

James motorcycle & sidecar by Stefan Marjoram

"a women on the verge of finding herself is the most attractive thing in the world to a man" -Leo Irving

I don't know the official name of this motorcycle, but it is so beautiful....and with a side-car! (or whatever they call them now) Love the colors!

Dnepr sidecar motorcycle

Black Widow......Nice, I like it ! I love sidecars anyway, we have one. It's a whole lotta fun ~ ♥ ~

BMW MOTORCYCLE. WEHRMACHT REGISTRATION NUMBER WH-56239. by meddie / aka Gramps, via Flickr

Doug Barbor—Living The Life photo documentation of '70s biker culture

Well now that's different! These are some of the most customized sidecars that I have ever seen. Hope their insurance covers this much modification, you know... just in case.