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THANK YOU. Someone's finally figured out the difference between Amy's and Rory's waitings, and why it's not always the length of time that makes the difference. (Especially when you run around with a Time Lord)

Don't get me wrong, Amy's and Rory's waiting periods were totally different—Rory spent 2000 years as a plastic soldier, witnessing history, while Amy spent 36 years alone with killer robots—but this made me laugh!


Guess Who just got better…

"has your person died" "yeah" "how many times?"

The Doctor quoted Mary Poppins!! Well, that makes sense since she's also a time lord...has the 'bigger on the inside bag', goes where she is truly needed, she travels to odd places, has companions, AND has a British accent- sounds like a Time Lord to me!

"He's the twelfth Doctor, peasants." — Do these people seriously exist? I figured anyone who simply watches the show, regardless of how young and fangirl-y, must be aware of Classic Who as a thing. Am I mistaken? Anyone who thinks we're only on our fourth Doctor just needs to go home now because they are drunk.

The most important woman in the whole wide universe. I've never thought about how the doctor could have really affected donna, but this certainly is sad.