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    Funny Pictures Of The Day 69 Pics

    Parks and Recreation

    Laughing so hard

    'tis I

    One of the best reasons to be in the Frozen fandom is that we out-sarcasm everybody.

    This is truth...between Scandal and Grey's Anatomy I am a victim!!!

    This is as far as your social skills will carry you. | 27 Signs We Are All Tina Belcher From "Bob's Burgers"

    -Golden Girls Never. Gets. Old!

    No matter how formal you try to make things on the internet, internet people come along.

    This is the most best tumblr/Taylor Swift post!<< due I was totally singing it and then I was like woah

    This perfectly valid reaction. | 29 Times The Sims Went Horribly, Hilariously Wrong

    Gosh I love Sid

    That pic...

    I should be ashamed by how much I laughed at this.

    This Person Just Came Up With The Most Mind-Blowing Theory About The Little Mermaid. 0

    Can’t argue with that


    You had one job, Ms. Frizzle.

    Were all infected. Well, at least its not herpes. -- The Walking Dead vs. Pitch Perfect HA! hahahahahaha