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strong and stable structures gr 3 project ideas

7 fun science experiments for kids to SEE the sound -- it is hard for kids to understand the concept that sound is wave, these activities make it easier for them to grasp the concept and learn science study skills. Wonderful STEM project ideas for school, home, and homeschool.

this blog has lots of good ideas for your classroom

50 ways to practice spelling words - Our Three Peas

Bridge building activity. Great for a last minute project, has a materials list and directions

Fun idea for first day of class? Make hands, put their names or picture in their hand (what they want to learn that year?, favorite science subject? or something to reflect back upon) and in last week have them update their goals, and take their picture next to the poster and give them a copy of the picture at the end of class. [Source --2nd grade auction project by oliverdec, via Flickr]

Grade 5 Dandelion Wishes

Main Idea FREEBIE by Crafting Connections! Contains two passages!

"A whole suite of MaKey MaKey projects that can provide inspiration for learning activities."

Love these groups!

Earthquake Lesson - STEM - A photograph of an assembled, homemade structure constructed out of marshmallows and toothpicks. The structure is sitting on a bed of orange Jell-O®.

So cute for older students

states of matter - use this idea to teach kids about solids, liquids, and gases

Teach Junkie: 19 Fun Ideas and Resources to Teach Force and Motion

This is called "homeworkopoly." It's basically a game system to get students involved and motivated to do their homework. For example, each day students can roll the dice and move their piece if they have completed their homework. After so many turns around the board, they receive a reward (candy, book, homework pass, etc.)

Challenge your students with these engineering mystery bag ideas.

Getting Started With STEM- TONS of great ideas linked with Freebies!

A great lesson plan for building a simple circuit using potatoes - 4th grade science

To introduce my Force and Motion unit: Funny Story. True Story. A story told like never before. "Best Idea Ever" is a funny take on the actual anecdote of Sir Newton and the apple. Made as my final graduation film at Sheridan College's Computer Animation Program. Softwares used in production are as follows. • Maya 2010 • Adobe After Effects CS4 • Adobe Premiere CS4 • Adobe P...

Teach your little engineers to create the strongest structure they can! Test their building by putting some weight on it. What makes a construction extra sturdy?

STEM challenges are a great way to explore engineering when you lack the time to devote to a rigorous engineering design challenge. These three challenges can be set up with very little prep time and with materials you either have on hand or can easily obtain.