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strong and stable structures gr 3 project ideas

Anchor lesson for teaching what structure means before introducing non-fiction text structure.


Bridge builder science project Popsicle stick bridge binder clip clamps Civil Engineering science project

Children's Books about building and architecture. Good choices for all ages! These books are sure to inspire some creative structures.

Engineering challenge. Science project for kids. Building with paper.

Mrs. Patton's Patch: First Week Activities - most stable tower

Science for Kids: how to make Paper Building Blocks - and yes, testing your structures by putting cookies on top is mandatory ;) From Babble Dabble Do -Skye

Building a strong and stable structure requires an understanding of the forces that will act on the structure under loads of various kinds. In this video segment, the ZOOM cast experiments with design features to see which will allow a bridge made of drinking straws to support the weight of 200 pennies.

Newly updated! Science Stable structure centers! Perfect for grade 3 strong and stable structures!

Index Card Tower: Engineering Challenge Project ~ Great STEM Activity! $

Strong and Stable Structures

Carrots in a bottle are a great take home project for kids. Carrot tops will sprout new leaves in just a day or two in this warm, humid environment, too.

I created and used this project with my second and third grade students while studying animals, plants, and habitats. We completed this following t...

Gumdrop structures - I love how this site tells about the science behind the whole thing! Tension/Compression lesson.

Teach your little engineers to create the strongest structure they can! Test their building by putting some weight on it. What makes a construction extra sturdy?

This blog shows project s and ideas for a science classroom. From pamphlets that students can make to labs and experiments.

Mr Collinson's Grade 3 Science - Strong and Stable Structures (go back to gr 3 home pg to access complete lesson, tests, etc)

SO many ideas for a plant unit! Perfect for spring :)

forces and motion- push and pull lesson ideas on Brainpop

Fun idea for first day of class? Make hands, put their names or picture in their hand (what they want to learn that year?, favorite science subject? or something to reflect back upon) and in last week have them update their goals, and take their picture next to the poster and give them a copy of the picture at the end of class. [Source --2nd grade auction project by oliverdec, via Flickr]