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    "CAKEWALK" | It's origins in slavery, the cakewalk mocked the rich folks in the "Big House," and southern high-society. Bowing, bending and a high-stepping promenade were characteristic of the dance. In many instances the Cakewalk was performance, and even competition. The dance would be held at the master’s house on the plantation and he would serve as judge. The dance’s name comes from the cake that would be awarded to the winning couple.



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    WES BRADY, 88, was born a Slave. "I wore myself out right in this county and now I'm too old to work. These folks I lives with takes good care of me and the gov'ment gives me $11.00 a month what I is proud to git." (Texas Slave Narratives 1936-1938)

    The Great Depression. This picture shows a man is jumping out of the window while the meeting is going on. This picture represent the great depression because people could not find a solution to slow down the depression, and people do not have enough money to live in the bad economy.

    Serving couple

    Did you know in Florida during slavery slave masters would take a enslaved black child tie a rope around his or her legs put them in the water and use them for ALLIGATOR BAIT. Two movies in 1900 “Alligator Bait” and “Gator and the Pickaninny.” both showed and proved this practice.There were many advertisements and postcards in the South that proved this was real

    Vintage photo, African American couple in front of an American flag, 1943

    Ukrainian folk costumes.

    Elderly slave couple from New Bern, NC. 1890, black, man and woman, photo, black and white, history, never forget, portrait

    Love this photo! "african american couple vintage"

    Gladys Vanderbilt married Hungarian Count László Széchenyi on 1908. The couple visited Hungary almost every summer with their five daughters.She inherited about $25 million from her father's estate. along with the Breakers in Newport, Rhode Island. She inherited another 5 million from her mother's estate. In 1948 as a widow she leased the Breakers to the Preservation Society of Newport County for one dollar a year. She continued to maintain an apartment in the Breakers until her death.

    Unidentified Couple, circa1920, photo by Richard Samuel Roberts, via South Carolina ETV

    Vintage photo African American couple 1960's

    The Last Full Blooded Aztec Couple


    Chicago, 1957: a couple who moved into an all-white neighborhood looking at graffiti in front of their home.

    wow!! African American Couple Headed Out On the Town, 1930's An African American couple strike a pose in front of a winter landscape background. James Van Der Zee, photographer.

    ELLEN THOMAS, Ex-Slave, age 89 (c.1930-40). Ellen's training as a house servant involved setting the dining table complete for guests, blindfolded, serving without disturbing anything on the table...So proficient did she become in serving, that a few times when they had guests, Judge Kimball would for their amusement have Ellen blindfolded and direct her to serve the dinner. (Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States from Interviews with Former Slaves.)

    Portrait of couple in outdoor setting. Early 1900s.

    Paper Moon Real Photo Post Card: African-American Couple by mrwaterslide,

    african american couple by Black History Album, via Flickr

    Veteran of Waterloo with His Wife, 1850