half double crochet in rounds without joining tutorial

Using half double crochet stitches, you'll finish these easy to make wrist warmers in no time.

Ever wonder how to fill in those ch-2 corners? Here’s a special stitch that closes gaps usually created by the ch-2 corner. Don’t let the odd stitch overwhelm you. The only difference between a normal double crochet and an adjacent double crochet stitch (adc) is where the hook is placed. This tutorial uses double crochet, but you can use the same technique for half double or single crochet also. Just replace ‘dc’ in the directions with the crochet stitch of your choice.

Basic double crochet Circle Chart

Crochet Cloche Hat - love the bow details, and I think this would make a great chemo cap!

Quilt As You Go – joining the blocks

Double Up Hat: free pattern

The puff or bobble crochet stitch is as simple as single and double crochet.

How to crochet and join Sea Pennies

The single rib crochet stitch is super simple to do. If you can double crochet and chain you're in business to whip up some awesome crochet texture!

Crochet Owl - Tutorial

crochet blanket w/baby

Crochet hat, no pattern

Hope for Women - free crochet pattern - This was a request from a reader for a crochet hat to be used for patients undergoing chemotherapy ( chemo cap )

Simple Double Crochet Hat - Sizes preemie to adult large - Free Crochet Pattern

Turkey Crochet Hat

Baby Crochet Hat

Great crochet tutorials...


Best Free Crochet » Free Newborn Caps Crochet Pattern from RedHeart.com #381

Magic Loop. In this method, you can crochet a large number of stitches and then close the middle, no more struggling to put 18 double crochets into a chain 4 ring. Great idea Yarntomato!