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    The cats we are used to see at home are absolutely unlike those, which I`m going to talk about now. Their look, behavior, habits are unusual for us. These extraordinary cat breeds will be appreciated according to their deserts by cat owners. #catbreeds #exoticcats #LaPerm #Sphynx
    September 21, 2013
    Ekaterina Demidova
    • Anna B

      The Sphynx cat, a rare breed. Sometimes known as the Canadian Hairless, originating in Ontario, Canada in 1966, when a black and white house cat gave birth to a male hairless kitten. Which was then bred to its mother to perpetuate the mutation.

    • Angela Plitzkow

      sphynx mother and kitten. If I ever have another cat it'll be a hairless one, so frickin cute!!!

    • Sidney Reimer

      Hairless cat kiss... My mom thinks I'm cute A mother Sphynx nuzzles her kitten

    • Beth Donock

      Hairless cat kiss... A mother Sphynx kisses her kitten

    • Gabrielle Sirois

      sphynx mother and kitten, Oh my gosh I love these cats.

    • Rosa Loren

      sphynx mother and kitten - poor little naked kitties

    • Kristin Wander

      still convinced this would be a great pet for me...

    • Ashley Tolbert

      sphynx mother and kitten~ Eeeeew & Aaaaaw!

    • Amanda G

      Sphinx cat + kitten

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