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wax painting method

Distress painted furniture with a candle. base coat, rub wax cande over parts to show through top coats. Apply top coat(s) and then sand with 220 grit to reveal base coat.

Use BONDO to repair missing portions of ornate picture frame. Using BONDO, tutorial on how to create a mold first and then fill the mold to duplicate a missing piece of a doorframe. Use this same set up to make a mold of ornate picture frames that have portions of the molding missing. When it hardens sand and paint the whole frame.  You just saved a piece of trash and gained an expensive picture frame!

Use BONDO to repair missing portions of ornate picture frame. Using BONDO…

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How to Repair Dog Chewed Wood

how to repair dog chewed table legs, home maintenance repairs, how to, kitchen d. - Home Decors

To avoid roller marks on furniture, only go in one direction.

47 Tips And Tricks To Ensure A Perfect Paint Job

The Trick to Avoiding Roller Marks When Painting: Only roll in One Direction – So simple. I noticed that if I only roll in one direction, the sheen evens out and I stop getting the light/dark streaks that show every roll.

how to distress using vaseline and spray paint... This works so well... Gives the perfect finish!

how to distress using vaseline and spray paint. This works so well. Gives the perfect finish! put vaseline on, spray paint and let it dry, then scrape off.

Giving a set of candle holders a gorgeous patina look with Modern Masters Metal Effects | By A to Z Custom Creations

I just can't get enough Patina in my life! Check out my latest Modern Masters Metal Effects project!

Salvaged Inspirations: Simple DIY Tint Furniture Wax with Paint

DIY Tinted Furniture Wax-natural wax- Stir in some dark TBSP of wax to 1 TSP of paint- not an exact recipe. How much paint you add will depend on how dark YOU want your antiquing wax- Stir the paint into the wax

When tinting clear wax, mix 70% chalk paint® with 30% clear wax

How to Tint and Apply Furniture Wax

Tinting Clear Wax - mix chalk paint® with clear wax; for a more pigmented wax you can play with ratios. I usually don’t measure. I just go by consistency. I like it to look like frosting.