~ Southern Slang ~


Southern lingo ;)

I need that like I need a hole in my head!?!? I just realize how many of these southern sayings I say.... I am north of Mason Dixon line north Delaware....

If it'd been a snake, it'd bit you!



Y'all act like you got some sense! Cannot count the times I've heard & said this! Nothing like being southern~~

Parenting MIssion Statement--mine got it down... 'Parents'--not 'Buddies', not 'Enablers'. Endless respects.

Tim McGraw - Southern Girl - song lyrics, song quotes, songs, music lyrics, music quotes

And there's something bout a truck in a field, and a girl in a red sundress with an ice cold beer to lips beggin for another kiss. & there's something bout you & me and the birds and the bees!

Southern saying

Southern charm.

southern saying

Southern Belle Secrets

yep....I use this one

southern belle

southern saying

I need this for my office!

Southern Thang, similar to a thangamajig and a whatyamacallit.