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purple crab, phillipines

One of the newly discovered crab species, Insulamon palawanense, which is bright purple in color. Four new species of crab that sport some wild colors have been discovered near the Philippine island of Palawan.

llbwwb: Red Ghost Crab - Santiago Island by Kev.s

Red Ghost Crabs (aptly named for their sneaky speed) will eat just about anything, careful!

Rainbow Crab - Cardisoma armatum

libutron: “Rainbow Crab - Cardisoma armatum This handsome crab is Cardisoma armatum (Decapoda - Gecarcinidae), a species of West African land crab commonly referred to as Rainbow Crab, Moon Crab, and.

Crab on beach (Ecuador) - Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Who knew they came in these colors! Crab on beach (Ecuador)

Meet the Deliciously Attractive Watermelon Fiddler Crab! - The Featured Creature

The Featured Creature: This gorgeous crustacean is called a Watermelon Fiddler Crab (Uca crassipes) due to its unique coloration which resembles, you guessed it, that of a watermelon!

Yellow on red

Maybe Turtle Weed Swimming Crab, Caphyra rotundifrons Yellow on red coral