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Flip Dot Display Demo - YouTube

Flip Dot Display testing during an installation at Thailand National Science Museum. The flip panels designed and manufactured by ScoreTronics, Control Desig.

Reverse engineering a flip dot sign - YouTube

Here's a little demonstration about how to control a flip-dot sign. These mechanical display devices were common before LED displays took off, and this devic.

lauren dicioccio (dots on velum - each dot covers one letter in a magazine article... all color coded!) <3

‘i lay a sheet of frosted mylar over a magazine page. i assign a color to every letter (numbers are shades of greyscale) and apply tiny dots of paint over every character on the page according to my color-code.

dot by Carsten Nicolai, Time.dot is the font of a notation font enabling notations with the computer keyboard. Lines and dots are its basic graphical components: the dot representing the beginning of a sound signal, the line representing silence.

christopheraritter:  Dot typeface by Trafik.

Dot / Dior identity — Design of a specific font to create a rich and varied universe beyond the standard logo — lavitrinedetrafik.

büro uebele // armed forces memorial berlin 2009

armed forces memorial berlin 2009 how should the dead be remembered?