I'm pretty sure I could live in this, in front of the news, with my laptop and a cup of coffee and be the happiest girl in the world!

Wow! Now I just need to decide where to put it...

This might be the perfect piece of patio furniture.

Best. Chair. Ever. Looks so comfy

The Swingrest. I would probably sleep outside every night.

Sun Room Kitchen

closet office

Perfect for toddler meals


waterfall shower. how amazing would this feel every morning?

I want this, no other couch, just this....lol

a bean bag hammock

Cute bird's nest


Comfort Research The Original Big Joe with Smart Max Fabric

movie room couch/bed? I would never leave...

Okay, not like the cinema, but I like it even more. The couch, big enough for tons of people and it looks comfortable enough to sleep on, hopefully that will not cause a problem. The screen, huge and close to the couch, which I find wonderful. Perfect home theater for me, I would absolutely LOVE having this in my home.


Furrilicious Couch

Chic and cozy