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Cheesy gestures never seem to fail, it'll make them feel special and make them laugh!

Baseball <3

25 creative ways to get asked or ask to dances. The baseball (softball) idea is seriously the cutest thing! If a guy asked me that way I'd marry him⚾️

These are so funny. The depressed dog creases me.

If your dog does the head-press thing, it could mean brain cancer. But otherwise these are funny :)>>>Also the one about a dog in the Walgreens parking lot is not okay, dogs shouldn't be left alone in the car

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OMG guys I just noticed the outfit of Elsa in the post . it is the mark of '' the deadly hallows '' from HP . Omg guys Elsa is a fangirl a FANGIRL. Plus Randall from Monsters Inc.

Luckless Clothing 2014

Perfect date night :) Watching stars up in mountain in the back of a pick up truck bed; We just need a pick-up truck