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How to Treat Wolf Worm in Cats

by Jane Meggitt
The good news is that wolf worms in cats are fairly rare. The bad news is that if your cat is invaded by a wolf worm, formally known as a cuterebra, it's one of the most disgusting things you might ever see. Imagine a hole on your cat, out of which emerges a large worm. In reality, it's a botfly lar...
  • karen

    How to Remove Cat Urine Smells From Hardwood Floors

  • Billie Jo

    Over the Counter Sedatives for Cats

  • Allison L. Ashby

    IBS Diet for a Cat [Article]--suggests bottled water (because it's chlorine free) and plain regular or Greek yogurt! I was just wondering if yogurt could help my cat.

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the smug look on his face when he's got in, and the total lack of interest on the other kitty's face is absolutely brilliant.

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It's no secret. I love LARGE cat's and as the caption says these cat's behave like dog's. They love going on walks greet you with a head butt and play in the water. The only thing keeping me from owning one is that they are super expensive! 1500-2000 $ per kitten.

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This is so scary how much these kitties look like Midge and Gustav!

Antique kitties. My new collection: photos of people with their cats.