a Very beginner's guide to manual mode...shoot Christmas photos in low light, no flash.

"44 essential digital camera tips and tricks-- Just because you've bought an expensive camera doesn't mean your pictures will be amazing. Good photography takes a lot of work & practice!"

Lens guide

ISO guide

How to Take your Own Family Pictures, along with a series of where to take pictures, what to wear, how to enjoy, and decorate with pictures. www.KristenDuke.com #photography #photos

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Taking good pictures in low light settings- indoor

Manual Mode Cheat Sheet! This is perfect!! I need this on a keychain or something so I can always get it right!

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Shooting indoor with low light #photography


Great info on taking "in focus" pics with your DSLR.

A great guide to help you recognize the features in your camera that will make a recognizable difference in your photos and results.

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Want to get more out of your new D3300 DSLR? Here are some simple tips for better shooting with this feature-packed camera.

manual mode

photoshop tutorial-AWESOME!!

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