Milwaukee Public Library's Brilliant Ad Campaign To Get People Reading More Books

libraryland: Hartford Public Library Lets Patrons Design Their Own Library Cards

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Duluth Public Library, Minnesota, entrance.✿☮❥•.¸¸

The National Reading Campaign "reading matters": You can borrow a book but you got to keep the ideas.

what happens when you read books...

I can not stress that enough! Movies based on books are rarely as amazing as the book itself! Movies show you what a specific person wanted to see, with books, you create the images for yourself, you get decide, you get to make it come alive for yourself. And there is nothing better.

Gone Reading

Library cards from the Edmonton Public Library -- excellent marketing.

Get excited about reading!


26 books that will change the way you see the world ~ This is my 2014 reading list! (Ok maybe 2015 as well :)


This is brilliant.

"In my world there would be as many public libraries as there are Starbucks." Henry Rollins

love books :)


If you loved Cinder, try one (or some) of these! (Brought to you by Lawrence Public Library - thanks!)

Some ecards- books

This is a Library

the Great Read - oh how I love libraries