Saturn by Stephen Di Donato

Uranus by Stephen Di Donato

Beyond Earth: A Minimal Poster Series by Stephen Di Donato.

by Matthew Korbel-Bowers

Very original and clever. Love the manipulation of the egg to represent the astronaut. The type layout balances the organic shape of the astronaut.

Typography Inspiration

Jupiter by Stephen Di Donato

It is very eye catching due to the light and bright colors, however I do feel that some darker colors could have been used to increase the contrast and make some of the type more visible.

Margaret Howell (Studio Small)

"Beyond Earth" a poster series by Stephen Di Donato

minimal circle monotone poster


The integration of the sound element graphic, revealing the positive space of the image is really a great solve in highlighting the theme. Unheard music in film.

Beyond Earth-Stephen Di Donato


olé soiree - poster

Poster Design

Poster - P : design