Get a cheap shelf from Ikea. Attach a mirror and cork board and put it on top of a lazy susan (also from Ikea). Genius.

I want to be able to sit down to put on shoes, and a cushion is a must. (a mix between this one and the other one I am pinning here)

Lookie What I Did: Scrapbooking Organizing Tower - Swivels 360°

Rotating book cases

Shower curtain holders as hooks for purse organization. Easy and cheap.

Between the studs – Built in nook for purses, cell phones, mail! And an outlet on the inside – this is genius.

Isn't this clever? 3 tall bookcases from Ikea - one turned sideways & painted w/ chalkboard paint.

turn a cheap bookshelf into a shoe rack.

Bathroom Shelf

Magnetic Ironing Mat, turns your washer/dryer into an ironing board, then folds up after. Space saving item! $9.99 on Amazon.

head board... Ah-ha!

any shelf turned on it's side.... add long foam cover pad.


A lazy susan in the frig, why didn't I think of that!!

love this storage for a playroom

Put a shelf over bathroom door for extra storage. This is brilliant.

Bathroom organizing tips.

Efficient under cabinet rope lighting.