Lavender Labyrinth - Can you just imagine how delicious the air smells standing in the center!

Want: Yorkshire Lavender Gardens

labyrinth. This would be so fun to do with the kids. Heaven knows we have enough rocks!!!

I want to stand in a fleld of lavender

Building a Living Fence

Someday I'd like a meditation labyrinth in my garden.

lavender edging for pathway

Freshly cut French Lavender - one of the soft fragrance notes in Aesthetic Content's Lavender Pera Bianca Luxury Scented Soy Candle

I Like This - How to lay out a labyrinth


Purple Iris

Lavender shades of Roses

Beyond lovely~the best smell in the world!


Purple Heart <3

if i ever have back steps in my garden


Play Up Purple Golden leaves grab the eye -- but so do purple ones. And plants with violet, maroon, or plum-hue leaves (including 'Diabolo' ninebark, many Japanese maples, and many weigelas) are especially trendy. The rich coloring stands out in the garden and blends well with a wide variety of shades, including chartreuse.

Stone Heart

Amazing topiaries! Mosaicultures 2013 - The lemur centipede by Patrick Pilon