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    Long time lither MaryTeresa tried to make lithing an olympic sport this year in London! She led her own Walk-Star around Notting Hill before doing some shopping at the famed Portobello Market. Wearing orange shirts in support of fellow Syracuse alum Carmelo Anthony, they managed to squeeze in a couple of plyos on their way to the US men's basketball game. Have you been lithing on location? Send us your pics to blog@lithemethod.com and be the next to be featured!

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Lithe on Location! Lither Lindsay Spatola was recently in Japan (I'm so jealous!) on a work trip. Inspired by other Lithe on Location posts, she had her co-worker take a picture of her in wide second in front of a gate to a local shrine! Lindsay said that the resident grounds keeper was very amused. I can see those imaginary bands in your hands! Great form.

Rhea squeezing in a little #abwork doing a mountainside #halfplank on her snowboard in Breckenridge, Colorado. #litheonlocation

Diane rocking an incredible #seesaw overlooking Queensland's Lake Wakatipu on her honeymoon! #litheonlocation

#litheinstructor Sophie Oh showed off some mad #litheonlocation skills on the Great Wall, in Hangzhou, The Forbidden City, and Shanghai, China! #widesecond

Rebecca has perfect form in her salty #litheonlocation leg lift at the Dead Sea!

Lither Tara Ann Carter sent us two shots of her in front of the Great Buddha (called Daibutsu) in Kamakara in the Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan, and doing a perfect Attitude Swing in Acadia National Park in Northern Maine! Tara, great form even in a short dress and sandals!

#LitheonLocation: Lither Lindsay Honzak shared this Lithe on Location shot just a week shy of her 6 month lithe anniversary. She and her family were at Amista Vineyards near Healdsburg, CA in the Sonoma Valley when her fiance captured this picture of her lunging in the vineyard! She thanks us for making her days healthier, happier and brighter!

#LitheonLocation in the #polarvortex!

Check out these beautiful shots of Lither Annette Kaplafka in wide second and see-saw on the Hawaiian coast. Great form, Annette!

#LitheonLocation: Check out Natalie DiBartolomeo, Nicole Brigati and Brittany (Burkeitt) Rastelli Lithing it up in South Beach. Here they are in triple Wide Second's in bikini's at SLS Hotel at their pool party at Hyde Beach for Nicole's Bachelorette party.

#LitheonLocation: Look at Lither Christina Dollings rockin' a perfect heel stretch on a big rock while hiking in Acadia National Park in Maine on July 4th!

Check out this #LitheonLocation from Lither Emily on the big island in Hawaii. Awesome form, Emily!

Check out Lithe Instructor Ashton Osby plyo'ing & Heel Stretch'ing on the trail in Laguna Beach, California! #LitheonLocation

Check out Lithe Instructor Lyndsey Salter with fellow Lither Caitie Medve Lithing on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland! Beautiful, ladies! I love the jeans and matching boots!

#LitheonLocation from #LitheInstructor Cheri Tolin in front of L'Opera in Paris! Cheri, I love the look that the couple on the left is giving you. Great shot!

#LitheonLocation wide second perfection! Check out #LitheInstructor Danielle Ingerman in a cornfield in Stowe, Vermont!

Check out Lither Margy Burke getting a little lithe action in Runyon Canyon in LA! GREAT wide second form in "T" and blades! Have you been Lithing on location? Send your pictures to mailto:blog@lithe...

Back in April, Erin Ginsberg and her boyfriend went hiking on the Falls Trail at Rickets Glen State Park (Benton, PA), which is renowned for its spectacular waterfalls and steep trails that track along the falls. When she reached the snowy base of her favorite waterfall, she climbed to the foot of the falls for this Liberty in "T". Erin said that she was not only able to endure, but to fully enjoy this difficult hike thanks to the strength and stamina that she has gained through Lithe.

#LitheonLocation: Check out Lithe Mama Aubrey Hochstuhl (and baby Hochstuhl) and Allison Boris getting Twiggy in Brigantine, NJ. They both couldn't make it through an entire week without getting their Lithe on. I love this; So creative and kudos on the great form! You ladies look awesome!

Lither Cristina Byce spent the summer backpacking through China and unfortunately had to take a hiatus from Lithe, but she did manage to squeeze in a few lunges on the Great Wall of China! This is awesome, Cristina! What a view, great form, and way to get low!

My sister and law and I were in The Grenadines last month. On our first day we sailed 100 miles from Martinique to St. Lucia, and Jordan caught me doing Spirit cardio on the front of the boat. Later that week I captured Laurie G. getting her squat series in off the back of the boat in Mustique. Have you been Lithing on location? Send your pictures to mailto:blog@lithe...

Lither Mary Carrabine and her husband went to Maui for a wedding/vacation. On their second day there, they went to the highest point in Maui - Haleakala National Park and watched the sunrise at the summit. Haleakala is a non-eruptive volcano in Maui with a summit of 10,023 ft elevation. Mary, I hiked Haleakala and got lost! Love this! Have you been Lithing on location? Send your pictures to mailto:blog@lithe...

Check out Lither Alysea McDonald in Roccascalegna, the Abruzzo region of Italy. Great Liberty and awesome view! Have you been Lithing on location? Send your pictures to blog@lithemethod.com! #LitheonLocation

Lither Liz Swiker took a break from biking through Sonoma's wine country for a little Lithe. She said that being a wino was fun, but she really did miss being in the studio!  I love this shot...awesome See-Saw, Liz!

Lithe Instructor Bianca's gorgeous ‪#‎LitheonLocation‬ from Italy!